Andrew Clement

Faculty of Information
University of Toronto



I am a Professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto, where I coordinate the Information Policy Research Program. I also hold a cross-appointment (status-only) in the Department of Computer Science, from where I received my PhD in 1986.


My research and teaching and consulting interests are in the social implications of information technology and human-centred systems development. I have written papers and co-edited books in such areas as: computer supported cooperative work; participatory design; workplace surveillance; privacy; women, work and computerization; end user computing; and the 'information society' more generally.

My recent research has focussed on public information policy, internet use in everyday life, digital identity constructions, public participation in information/communication infrastructures development, and community networking.

For more details, see the Information Policy Research Program pages and my CV.

Graduate course teaching:

FIS 1210 - Information and Its Social Contexts
FIS 1311 - Introduction to Information Technologies
FIS 1340 - Introduction to Information Systems
FIS 2165 - Social Issues in Information and Communications Technologies
FIS 2169 - User Centred Informaton Systems Development
KMD 2001 - Human-Centered Design (cross listed with FIS 2169)
KMD 2004 - Knowledge Media, Culture and Society (cross listed with FIS 2165)
JIE1001 - Seminar in Identity Privacy and Security


Andrew Clement
Professor, Faculty of Information
University of Toronto
45 Willcocks Street, 3rd floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5S 1C7
+1 416-978-3111 (o)
+1 416-971-1399 (f)